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Transfusion Richard Elsliger


Richard Elsliger

Published December 8th 2013
134 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Can a car run on something other than gasoline? It sure can. There are batteries or hydrogen, diesel or solar power Steam too. But there is another source that scientists haven’t even conceived. Nor has Curtis Hutchings. That is, until he found that 69 Plymouth Roadrunner rusting peacefully in a Texas wrecking yard. Curtis has found a new source to power this old relic from the muscle car era and it sure isn’t battery or hydrogen, diesel or solar. Not even steam. Curtis is about to take a wrong turn with this old Plymouth and head down a homicidal road to fame and fortune, winning every drag race he enters. And he might make a new girlfriend along the way to assist him, gathering the needed element that powers this monstrous metal demon. Oh, it runs on gasoline, hi test preferably. But it also requires something else to grease the bearings. Fortunately, this element is a renewable resource and as plentiful as the people that supply it.